Monday, September 22, 2008

NWSGI 0.5 Released

The latest version of NWSGI, built for IronPython 2.0 Beta 5, has been posted. There are a couple of changes in this version: one breaking change and one new feature.

Configuraton Changes

To fit with convention, the configuration elements now start with lowercase letters - i.e. Wsgi => wsgi, OSEnviron => osEnviron, etc. This has a consequence because XML is case-sensitive, so the old configuration elements will not be picked up and the defaults will be used instead.

Script Mappings

Script mappings can be used to create a virtual .wsgi file that points to a file elsewhere on the filesystem. For example:

    <scriptmapping scriptname="dispatch.wsgi" physicalpath="C:\myapp\dispatch.wsgi">

Rather than copy the dispatch.wsgi file into the web aplication directory, any request to dispatch.wsgi will be mapped to c:\myapp\dispatch.wsgi instead. This example is a bit trivial, as an IIS virtual directory could probably be used, but it could be useful for any application that ships a .wsgi file.

Future Directions

I'm working on building an IIS7 admin interface for all of this; it's a bit of a mess right now because the advanced UI tricks aren't really documented that well. I'm hoping to have the IIS7 admin and the installer ready by the time IronPython goes 2.0.