Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NWSGI 2.0 Release

I'm very pleased to announce the release of the final version of NWSGI 2.0. It's been a long road since it was first shown as "NWSGI 1.1 Preview1" way back in March. Since then most of the code has been overhauled to make maintenance easier and improve performance. IronPython has also come  a long way; the 2.6 release is a fantastic piece of work with much better performance and compatibility than 2.0. Both IronPython and NWSGI are reaching the point where it will soon be feasible to run most Python web apps with little to no modification – I'm hoping by this time next year that everything will "just work".

What's New

NWSGI 2.0 is mostly a lot of little changes that add up to a much better experience:

  • Easier configuration: In v1.0 there were different ways to configure NWSGI depending on your configuration. Now there is only one way to do it. The ambiguous options with multiple meanings are gone, and new options added to support the extra optional features of IronPython 2.6.
  • Better management UI: The new management UI is both easier to use and easier to maintain.
  • Performance improvements: NWSGI will now cache the WSGI callable and associated modules instead of reloading it each time. IronPython 2.6 is also much faster then 2.0.

More Information

My blog posts from earlier in the year are still relevant:

I'll be moving the information in these over to Codeplex soon, so that it's easier to find.

Please let me know what you think of the new release, and what it's being used for – I'm always curious to hear what people think.