Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Restarting Django/IronPython

Once again, I'm trying to work on Django/IronPython. This time around, I've finally found a workflow I'm happy with (for now) using MQ. Using MQ is a bit tricky to understand, but it has the distinct advantage that Django/IronPython patches are distinct from normal development and thus much easier to submit back to the Django project – which I also plan to start doing.

Of course, the repo has changed again – it's now django-ipy-patches. It's a patch queue (which bitbucket handles quite nicely) instead of a fork because using a fork mixed the IronPython changes in with normal development and made them hard to find amongst all the merge changesets (and you can't rebase a public repository). Forks are better for very short-lived branches, but I think patch queues are the better option for long-lived projects like this. I'll move the issues from the old repository over and then shut it down fairly soon.

I'll post some instructions soon on how to contribute and use MQ, and an update running the tests.