Thursday, February 10, 2011

First IronPython Bug Weekend Coming Up

The first IronPython Bug Weekend is this weekend, February 12-13, 2011. The purpose of the bug weekend is to get as many issues as possible looked at and fixed before the next pre-release of 2.7. There are a large number of issues in the issue tracker that need to checked to see if they are still valid (based on what I've seen, probably half of them are already fixed). If they're not reproducible, they can be closed; if they are reproducible, then patches are always welcome!

In particular, we'd like to get people who haven't contributed to IronPython before to chip in. It's really not that scary, I promise! To get started, check out how to get and build the source code and how to handle issues. If you have any questions, just ask – everyone is willing to help out.

To get in touch with the other bug weekend participants, there are two primary channels: the mailing list (sign up, view the archives) and the #ironpython IRC channel on If you're looking at a particular bug, make an update to the Bug Weekend spreadsheet, and make sure no one else is working on it either. It's a good idea to send a message on IRC or the mailing list as well.

Here's to a good bug-fixing weekend!